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BF3 Linear Drive

The Award Winning BF3 Linear Drive Light Capacity Feeder is among the most comprehensive available.

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Automated Parts Handling Linear Vibratory Feeders

Hoppers and Elevators

Hopper and elevator loading equipment

To complement its range of vibratory and rotary feeders, Riley Automation offers a range of bulk storage and loading elevator systems.

The simplest of systems comprises a pedestal mounted hopper with a variable speed hopper vibrator attached. This, combined with an adjustable outlet gate and variable angle chute, allows relatively free flowing components to be discharged in a controlled movement. Where space is at a premium the Riley Automation elevating bulk hopper is worthy of consideration.

To give a metered flow, bulk hoppers are fitted with Syntron® linear vibratory feeders discharging into vibratory bowl and rotary feeders.

Riley Automation offers a range of loading elevators, with specification being dependant upon application. For heavy products a pre-feeder with a linear vibratory outfeed is recommended to meter the product onto the belt. For lighter products the belt is able to draw the product through the bulk hopper.

Systems are available to suit all applications, including both food and pharmaceutical. Totally enclosed systems are available as required.

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