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Products for 2017

BF3 Linear Drive

The Award Winning BF3 Linear Drive Light Capacity Feeder is among the most comprehensive available.

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Automated Parts Handling Linear Vibratory Feeders

Linear Drives

The Riley range of Light Capacity Feeders is among the most comprehensive available. Combining flexibility with high performance, these rugged, highly specified units are rated for continuous duty cycles. Riley Feeders have no cams, bearings or eccentric activators; they need no lubrication or replacement; and they provide the ideal low-maintenance solution to feeder problems arising from sustained processes.

Six robust models cover the range from 460kg/hour to 6.5 tonnes/hour. The drive units are dustproof; leaf springs are manufactured from resin impregnated non-corroding fibre and the operating coils are fully encapsulated to give long and reliable service.

The most powerful units in the range incorporate the rarely encountered instantaneous cut-off feature which makes them especially suitable for very precise weighing and process applications.

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